Relax options

Do you just want to give your stay a little more? Then you can also take an option on our own wellness area with a healthmate infrared sauna with light therapy, a walk-in rainshower and duo massage bath. Or treat yourself to a wonderful massage. Or shift your boundaries with a yoga initiation. Or…


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Are you in a wellness package?

You just want to relax without other sauna seekers around you?

Relax together and get new energy?

This can be done by using our \'Private Sauna\' option. This is equipped with a healthmate infrared sauna with light therapy, a walk-in rain shower and a duo massage bath. Let us know what time you choose and we take care of the rest - 20€ /1 person or 30€ / 2 persons, for a session of approximately 2h.

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In our B&B you can also enjoy massages or a foot reflex treatment.

In the massages you have choice between back and shoulder massage, face-, head-, neck-, and shoulder massage or fullbody massage - 45€ / 60min or 60€ / 90min.

A foot reflex treatment can be a pleasant and safe method to promote your overall health - 35€ / 60min.

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Are you in a yoga initiative? Yoga inside or on the beach?

Discover the healing effects of yoga at the physical, emotional and spiritual level in our yoga classes. We currently offer you two yoga types: yin yoga and awareness yoga.

Yin Yoga has a deep stimulating, calming and liberating effect. It is suitable for anyone looking for relaxation, introspection and a nice body stretch from top to toe, a refreshment in a fast-paced contemporary life with countless incentives ... In Yin yoga positions are held longer, so you have more time to explore and move your boundaries. You do not use your body to get in a position, but you use the attitude to make your body feel better. It is therefore the relatively quiet character of a Yin Yogales that appeals to most participants. The lesson is so enjoyable because you do not have to move very intensively, but take all the time for your body, which brings many benefits ... Yin yoga is a very accessible form of yoga, for everyone suitable - young or old.

In the consciousness yoga, you can besides the conscious relaxation of body, emotions and mind, also educate them consciously that enable us to develop qualities like inner peace, stability, tension and more self-confidence. A series of constructive exercises are given in these lessons. Each exercise is taught - from the imagination - step by step with the intention of being able to perform it in an accurate manner. Furthermore, ther will be explained the deeper meaning by each yoga posture, as well as its therapeutic value on body, soul and mind. They teach us to be more relaxed and conscious in daily life, but they also help us to become more centered, more active and livelier.